Vans US Surf Open

I’ve spent the past week following the Vans US Surf open 1. because I’m obsessed with surf culture and how brands who can appeal to that demographic market themselves 2. because surfing is just awesome. This was probably the biggest marketing event I’ve ever been to in my life and the fact that it didn’t feel that way was brilliant.

I mean, they built a vans store the size of Macy’s right on the beach.

Oh and the synergy was real. I’ve never been so proud to be a Jeep driver and still entered a contest, giving away everything short of my identity to win a new one. I even woke up to Jeep X Vans emails the next morning and ya know what… I didn’t mind. I even walked around the beach that day really mad I didn’t have a Vans shirt on. I am not a t-shirt person. I don’t wear them, I hate how they take up drawer space but I had to have one! I almost even got surf board wax. Two hours into this event, I already felt like I was in this surf world bubble.

You don’t want to know how many times I said “dude” and contemplated creating a wet suit collection.

I’ve watched movies like Drift or even Dogtown and Z Boys where you can see these product lines being developed and becoming so apart of the culture but then also influencing people who have nothing to do with it.  I know very little about surf and I can still appreciate Billabong and Roxy.  Hell, when I get ready for the beach I’ve got a Roxy girl in mind.

Maybe surf is just that cool.

Gotta get to the bottom of this one.

Oh, I took photographs.

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