July Sale – Portfolio Sites

July_Sale_AII’m a huge advocate of self-marketing, especially for artists.  It may have taken me some time to do it for myself but in retrospect, I wish I had gotten to this A LOT sooner.  People are always asking how I could come up with such vast marketing campaigns and build websites that are awesome (not to toot my own horn or anything) and not have one of my own.


Anyway, as artists its very important to develop your brand.  I know you’ve heard this a million times but its not even as mind boggling as it seems.  Websites tend to make it a lot easier.  Now, you’re in control of how you want to represent yourself.  You’re in control of everything – from something basic like color selection to you choosing the images that are the official representation of your brand…rather than re-tweeting whatever is out there of you. You’re selecting your best work, contact details are concise, all of your official social networks are curated in one space.  You can even blog about recent accomplishments, events, or ways fans can connect with you. And the awesome thing about blogs…you can even monetize them. Throw up some easy Google ads and you’re bringing in some change each month.

The possibilities are endless but when you decide to go forward with this venture I am (or someone on my team is) really going to think about your career – where you want it to go, your industry, your personality, your schedule…and we’re going to come up with a plan that brings some organization to your self marketing.

So, since there’s a few days left of July this is an awesome time to decide where you want to go for the next month. In a matter of days you could have made a serious impact on your self-marketing. So cheers for sales!

Model & actor sites typically begin at $250 but through the end of July they are all $99 and artists we’re showing some love for you too (don’t forget to ask about e-commerce add ons if you’re looking to sell your art).

Cheers! Check out the sale here.

And yes… there will be promos for designers, photographers, and new businesses coming next.

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