A note on Putting Yourself on Display

I really enjoy building websites but somehow I’ve never put much effort into running one of my own.  Of course, I worked relentlessly on the website for Tosser Magazine but I’ve never had my own site to organize my projects, interests and plans for the future.

I started the site yesterday but the planning a few days ago and the process has really showed me how important having a site is for creatives, multipotientialites, freelancers, definitely entrepreneurs, and anyone like me whose interests seem miles apart. Seriously… sometimes I’ll forget the hobbies I have and I’ll have one of those – “oh yeahhhh, I used to make clothes” moments.

Having a website, for me anyway, is like maintaining a file cabinet for your creative projects… on display.  That “display” aspect is really important and also one I’ve struggled with a lot personally.  What is the point of doing all of these things if you’re never going to show anyone?  For me, by the time I had gotten around to showing anyone my work, I had already evolved a bit and didn’t feel like what I had in the past was a representation of who I am now.  The biggest issue there was trying to run from the past and trying to hide the projects that were no longer representative of where I was presently. Except where I was at this new moment, I had not yet created anything so it always seemed like I was in a state of coming-soon even though I had a decade of work…a lot of work.

So, while I don’t think people need to lay out every single thing they’ve done, it is important to pick and choose some of your best moments, even if they don’t necessarily represent how awesomely rad you are now.  They will show a pattern of growth. And seeing how we are own worst critics, they’re probably pretty impressive to begin with.

This is where I am.  I have done a ton.  My interests are far and wide. And you know what, I’m really good once I focus on something. HTML and web design did come to me over a few nights.  The challenge, not only for myself, but for creatives in general is to find a way to combine your interests (no matter how many) and your needs to make something entirely new.

It’s really hard for people to see innovation before that “a-ha” moment.

It’s even harder to see innovation being born within ourselves.

All of that being said…peep out the page with a few of my past projects.I’m working on getting the new projects listed.

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