A New Holyoke Fave – Cortefiel


I had the chance to link up with the team at Cortefiel last weekend to celebrate their grand opening at Holyoke Mall with 95.7 KISS FM and Tosser. You know, I hail from Western Mass and my family lives in that area so I’m always excited when new things are happening in town. Cortefiel was one of five new stores coming to the mall from the Retail Group – Promod, Accessorize, Lipsy, Sergent Major and Monsoon, covering everything from accessories, kidswear, and a pretty wide price range. So, there really is something there for everyone and these are trendy European brands.

That being said, everyone living in that area – your long awaited prayers are being answered. I mean, before this the trendiest thing you had going for you was Forever 21 and maybe the Urban Outfitters in Northampton. So, I highly recommend checking the shops out. We’ll probably be highlighting out Tosser picks soon but you’ll like the clothing and you’ll definitely like the staff.

We spent the Saturday hopping around each store, trying pieces on – getting a feel for the quality and fit, styling a few shoppers, and just learning about the brands and it was definitely a blast. And we won a Taylor Swift CD from KISS, oh joy. One thing is for sure, great quality and honestly decent prices. I picked up a black and white chiffon top that I’m obsessed with for about $20. I also fell in love with a coat from Promod for only $125 and another from Cortefiel, both cheaper than the coat I got from Macys that I’ll be sporting this season. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about feeling fat. You know those European sizes. Everything from Cortefiel was a perfect fit. I had to go up on size at Promod but that might be attributed to all the spaghetti I’ve been eating.

Check out the full article here. And check out Cortefiel – 2nd Floor at Holyoke Mall!

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