Asha's turning 30!

I'm turning 30 this year on October 29th but I hope you can join me for a celebratory weekend October 26th - October 27th!

All About Asha

Ready to Celebrate

I haven't celebrated a birthday in a few years and really want my transition into a new decade to be full of my favorite things, including being surrounded by my fave people and their fave people! The greatest gift I could get going into my 30th year is just to be surrounded by great people, having fun so join me! I'm still in the process of making all the final plans so this page may change, but I'll be sure to send updates if so. Let me steal you for the weekend!




I've had my eyes on this spa for a while and have always wanted to visit. It's really affordable for a pass and the services seem great. Lots of people have recommended so I finally want to make the dive! More details to come after your RSVP! $25 admission to just enjoy the spa, sauna, etc. Check it out -

2700 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90057

26th October 2018

04:00 PM

Birthday Dinner - Faith & Flower

Another place I've had my eyes on and haven't ventured out to visit. It's go a lot of charm, reviews say great seafood. Great views, plenty of flowers, which I'm obsessed with. The drink menu looks great... oh and there's also a vegan menu. I could only get a reservation for 5:30, I hope you can make it!

705 W. 9th St LA, CA 90015

26th October 2018

07:00 PM

Hotel + Bar Crawl

I want to do a crawl of my favorite DTLA bars, starting at my hotel then heading over to 7th & Grand, Perch LA, Faith & Flower, The Association, and The Boardroom. I'm sure we won't make them all but those are a few of my favorites. Not sure where we're starting yet!

The Intercontinental 900 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017

26th October 2018

12:00 PM

Reggaeton Night

I love a good reggaeton night and The Mayan satisfies my Ozuna fix so hoping to end the night there! Need to be there by 10 for my guestlist.

1038 S Hill St, Los Angeles, CA 90015

26th October 2018

10:00 PM



69th Floor

Dekkadance @ the Intercontinental Floor 69

27th October 2018

01:00 PM


Details for each event below are listed above! Please fill out the RSVP form and hit submit! You can also email, text or slack me responses. Danke!

About The Weekend

I'll be staying at The Intercontinental because come on... best view in the city and I like being close to home and work so yay! Yes, I'm a fan of the 90s sleepover so let me know if you want to join this slumber party at the hotel.  Also, I full intend to drink tons and hope you will too so don't drive! You're welcomed to crash if you live far.

This all seems super planned out but I'm sure it'll be a go with the flow weekend.  Only times that are tentative are our dinner reservation and making sure we're at the club by 10:30 for the guest list.

If you need to contact me…

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